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Feeding guide

How much do I feed?
The amount you feed your dog depends on the age and activity level of your dog. As a general 
guideline a healthy. moderately active adult dog should get 2-3% of its body weight per day.
For example, a 50lb dog would need between 1 and 1
½ lb of food per day.
A sedate or overweight dog should only receive round 2% of its target weight per day.

Puppies need 6-10% of their body weight from 2-4 months split into at least 4 meals a day,  4-5 % from 4-7 months split into at least 3 meals a day, and 3-4% from 7-12 months split into 2 meals a day. Puppies over 12 months should be fed as an adult.

Over time you will find what works for your dog and not have to weigh every portion. I no longer weigh my dogs' food; I "eyeball" the amount I give them and adjust up or down accordingly.

Transitioning to a raw diet.
There are two main ways to transition a dog to raw and neither is wrong. Some people like to take it slow and add small amounts to their existing food, gradually increasing the amount of raw food until the dog is eating exclusively raw. Other people prefer to go cold turkey and change straight over. Many people find the cold turkey method easier by making their dog skip a meal between their original food and raw. We switched our dogs straight over from kibble to raw with no fasting period and no ill-effects. Diarrhea or loose stools aren't uncommon during the transition stage but if it persists consult your veterinarian.

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