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About us

Here at Raw Naturel we believe your pets - like our own dogs - deserve the best in nutrition, and for us that means a raw diet.
We have two rescue dogs of our own (the models for this website!) and their health and wellbeing is as important to us as your pet's is to you.

All our ingredients are BC raised and all our meat is human-grade*. Our salmon is wild-caught Pacific salmon.

*Green tripe is used in some blends and treats. Green tripe is not used for human consumption.

More about raw


What is a raw diet?
A raw diet mimics what a dog would eat in the wild, and what its ancestors and cousins (wolves and coyotes being two examples) eat.  Animals that these predators would catch and eat are made up of around 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% organs.

There are a few variations in a raw diet and the two most popular are the Raw Prey Model (RPM) diet and Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF).

The Raw Prey Model food is mixed as closely to the 80-10-10 rule of the RPM diet as possible. The original RPM consists 80% muscle meat, 10 % bone and 10% organ (5% of which is liver and 5% secreting organs such as kidney, spleen or pancreas).
Some people prefer having fresh vegetables added to their pet's food so we offer two blends containing fresh vegetables. Our signature Turkey, Beef & Veg blend also contains organic apple cider vinegar to help with gastrointestinal health, coat and allergies.  


So what's in Raw Naturel food?
Only the best. With the exception green tripe*, we serve only human-grade food from BC facilities which are federally regulated and inspected.  


*The term "green" refers to the tripe being unbleached and untreated - unlike that which you can buy for human consumption and which has very little nutritional value.  

What's the big deal about feeding my pet a raw diet?

Feeding your pet a natural, high quality raw diet is feeding them the food their bodies are designed to eat. A raw diet gives your pet the nutrients and vitamins they need in the right quantities. 

Unlike a processed food, raw contains no grains or starches, no flavourings or preservatives, and isn't cooked at high temperatures. Raw Naturel contains meat/poultry/fish, bones and organs (and veg in some blends). That's it.

All the ingredients in a raw diet are used by the dog instead of just passing through the digestive tract and passed out the other end. A raw diet contains a lot more water than kibble so your pet may not need to drink so much water throughout the day.

Most economy kibble is unappealing taste-wise so manufacturers spray the kibble with fat to make it palatable. Not only is this rather unpleasant, but the fat on the food can turn rancid.

Some of the benefits associated with a raw diet are a healthy, shiny coat, better breath, better teeth, healthier digestion, better mobility and stamina, and better weight control.

Isn't making raw food kind of gross?
Yep. Thankfully the gross part is the processing of the food and that's all taken care of for you. All you - the pet owner - needs to do is defrost and feed.

Won't my pet's teeth suffer without kibble to clean them?
Nope, that's a myth. Kibble is as effective at cleaning your pet's teeth as granola is at cleaning yours. Raw food doesn't stick to your pet's teeth like processed foods and doesn't contain sugar like many canned foods. Giving your dog a raw, meaty bone to gnaw is a great way to help them keep their teeth clean. At Raw Naturel we are also producing a few dog treats. One of our favorites is the bully stick. This are pure beef product which is air-dried to produce a tasty, high quality, additive-free chew which can help clean the teeth but without the risks associated with many rawhide chews.

**Never give cooked bones to your pets. These can splinter and cause serious injuries or death**

Can't I just give my dog ground beef or raw chicken instead?

Nope. Well, you can, but you won't be doing your dog any favours. Feeding a raw diet isn't just about putting some meat and liver in your dog's bowl. A proper raw diet makes sure your pet gets all the nutrients it needs and in the correct amounts. 

**Please check out the internet for more information on the benefits of feeding a raw diet. If you have doubts as to whether a raw diet is right for your pet please consult your veterinarian.**


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